PhD, MRRP, BSc (Geog)

Charlotte graduated from Otago University with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Geography with a Masters in Regional and Resource Planning. She also holds a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Freshwater Governing from Massey University.

With over 16 years’ experience involving large resource consenting processes, plan changes, and policy implementation roles focused around the primary production sector and freshwater quality outcomes, Charlotte has an in-depth understanding of planning processes and a strong ability to link policy development to implementation.

With a depth of experience in working on multi-disciplinary projects, Charlotte has developed strong project management and communication skills and the ability to quickly understand various technical and scientific matters. This enables her to deliver expert planning advice and quality research skills.

She has presented planning evidence in the Environment Court, Board of Inquiry and Special Tribunals on resource consents, plan changes and water conservation orders. Charlotte is a competent planning witness and trusted advisor.

Having observed the challenges of the environmental sector and recognising that outcomes are borne out of doing, Charlotte’s PHD focused on how effective freshwater governing can be better enabled and provided for at the beginning of the policy development process. Her studies have broadened her thinking and provided opportunities to expand her understanding of the issues facing many sectors and how partnerships and an awareness of each other’s challenges is critical in achieving positive outcomes.

Charlotte is also a qualified RMA decision maker, with particular expertise in regional planning and consenting matters.

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